Contacts Global Modelling

WaterMIP (WATCH - GWSP model intercomparison) general issues:

Fulco Ludwig, fulco.ludwig(at)
Frank Voss, fvoss(at)
Ingjerd Haddeland, ingjerd.haddeland(at)

WaterMIP (WATCH - GWSP model intercomparison) technical issues:
Wietse Franssen, wietse.franssen(at)  

WB 4 - Extremes:
Henny van Lanen, henny.vanlanen(at)

Blue/green water initiative:
Jens Heinke, heinke(at)
Holger Hoff, hhoff(at)

Intranet access:
Fokke de Jong, fokke.dejong(at)

FTP access:
Tanya Warnaars, twarnaars(at)


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