WATCH Global Modelling

Welcome to the WATCH global modelling webpages! On these pages you will hopefully find all the information needed to participate in WaterMIP (Water Model Intercomparison Project), and do the WATCH global long-term modelling (WB3: Impact climate change on global water cycle, WB4: Multi-Model Analysis of Extremes, WB6: Water Resources). If you have any questions about the modelling activities, or availability of forcing data and/or modelling results, you can find contact information under submenu "Contacts".

The most important submenus are:

Workplan, meetings: An overview of the workplan. In addition you will find information on important dates about  e.g. submission deadlines and meetings related to the global modelling efforts.  

Modelling Protocol: Information on the long-term (30+ years) WATCH and WaterMIP model simulations, including model setup, which variables to submit, file format and naming convention. 20th and 21st century.


Latest News (see also e-mail archive) 

CNRM precipitation (November 25, 2010): Due to large errors in the daily statistics of the CNRM data in some regions, a complete matching of the means with the WATCH forcing data (WFD) is not possibe without destroying the validity of the bias correction method, so that we have to live with the discrepancy of the bias corrected CNRM data. Thus, all bias corrected CNRM data are are valid data.

Replaced ECHAM5 file (November 10, 2010): In part of Nov 1996 and Dec 1996 the grid changed, so some of the land points were suddenly replaced with the missing data value (1e+20). The file has been replaced.

Replaced ECHAM5 file (September 21, 2010): There was a problem with the grid, and the file has been replaced.

A corrupted ECHAM5 file (September 15, 2010): One of the ECHAM5 A2 daily snowfall files was corrupted on the IIASA server. The file is from directory /watch/WorkBlock3/echam_bc_data_yearly. The file has been replaced.