Other WATCH Documents

  • International Summer School on Water in the Anthropocene, June 6-12 2010 The United World College of the Adriatic, in collaboration with ICTP, and with funding provided through WATCH, are organizing the International Summer School on Water in the Anthropocene, to be held from the 6th to the 12th June 2010 in Duino, Italy. This intensive five day program will cover an introduction to the climate system and the mechanisms of anthropogenic forcing which define the Anthropocene.
    WATCH Secretary, November 12, 2009

  • Harmonized World Soil Database (version 1.0) The Harmonized World Soil Database is a 30 arc-second raster database with over 15000 different soil mapping units that combines existing regional and national updates of soil information worldwide (SOTER, ESD, Soil Map of China, WISE) with the information contained within the 1:5.000.000 scale FAO-UNESCO Soil Map of the World (FAO, 19711981). The Harmonized World Soil Database, developed by IIASA with help from FAO, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, ISRIC, and JRC.
    FAO/IIASA/ISRIC/ISSCAS/JRC, October 29, 2008

  • WATCH report from the IGBP Congress in South Africa May 2008 Report from the Working Group D4 from the May 2008 IGBP Congress with an overview with research needs.
    WATCH, May 29, 2008

  • WATCH brochure Water and Global Change (WATCH) brochure, 2007
    WATCH, December 01, 2007