WATCH General Assembly 2009 in Potsdam succesfully held

The General Assembly of the EU FP6 WATCH programme was started in the German city of Potsdam on Monday the 2nd. First the Green-Blue Model Intercomparison workshop started with discussions and the WaterMIP (Water Model Intercomparison Project) workshop was held in the afternoon and continued on the next day.

On Tuesday the 3rd the WATCH members were welcomed in the afternoon by Richard Harding (CEH). Next, all WorkBlock sessions had their meetings and the day was closed with some internal meetings.

On wednesday the fourth, Mr. Wolfgang Lucht from PIK held a very interesting presentation on the urgency of a global sustainability transformation. His message was that the 21st Century will not be the same as the 20th. Not only due to the climate change, but also to the relation between society and environment. Inspired by Mr. Lucht, the Work Block project leaders presented their work and progress (model work and runs, bias corrections, data gained from Work Blocks delivered to others). Also on the next day WB sessions and Focus Groups (Test Basins, Uncertainty, India Group) were going on, after the General Assembly had their meeting. The last day was meant for feed back from different groups.

The result was a meeting with a good feeling of hard working and joint results. As a community we are making good progress towards the project's goals.

WATCH Secretary
Tuesday 03 November 2009