General Climate News

  • Ambitious EU climate efforts could increase greenhouse gas emissions in the rest of the world The more the EU economy succeeds in dialing down greenhouse gas emissions, the more the rest of the world will turn them up – unless a similar level of green ambitions is shared by others. Up to 61.5% of the saved EU emissions could end up as increased emissions elsewhere in the world, as described in a new policy brief prepared by economists at the University of Copenhagen.
    University of Copenhagen, May 18, 2020

  • Strong Temperature Increase in the Pyrenees The climate of the Pyrenees has undergone significant change over the last hundred years, with a progressive rise in temperature, variations in the precipitation regime and an increase in the frequency of extreme events, which are reflected in the sharp retreat of ice masses and glaciers, modifications in snow cover and changes in ecosystems.
    CLIMPY - OPCC, May 15, 2020

  • Climate Change and Safety of Installations: Contributions to the UN / OECD Natural Hazard Triggered Technological Accidents (Natech) Project This report summarizes the work results of the activities undertaken to support the UN/OECD Natech (Natural Hazard Triggered Technical Accidents) II project. It includes description of the record of good practice examples in Natech risk management as well as recommendations generated at the UN/OECD Natech II workshop.
    German Federal Environment Agency, May 15, 2020

  • Sea-ice-free Arctic makes permafrost vulnerable to thawing New research provides evidence from Siberian caves suggesting that summer sea ice in the Arctic Ocean plays an essential role in stabilizing permafrost and its large store of carbon.
    University of Oxford, January 08, 2020